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Hi there, and welcome to my blog!

I’m a thirtysomething mum of two, and I live in London, United Kingdon with my husband, an Architect and our two children. I currently work in technology in the financial sector. In addition to that full-time job, I am also a full-time project manager of my home and family and all the life admin that comes along with raising kids in the 21st century and being an adult in general. So naturally I search high and low to find ways to make my life more efficient to get through all that life admin.

I have started this blog to document some of the useful solutions I have learnt along the way or lessons or mistakes I have made, so that hopefully others can learn from it! I may also just write about my thoughts on a subject or really anything that tickles my fancy, usually related to adulting, parenting and experiences combining those two things.

I will also have guest writers and contributors, because we all have good ideas, or lessons learnt that we may want to share. Do get in touch if you have something to share and would like to contribute a post.

Also, do not forget to follow the blog! Unless of course you do no want to get an annoying email each time I write a new post.



P.S. A big driver for finally setting up this blog is because it has been on my todo list, for longer than I care to remember and I made a resolution to pick and action at least 1 item from my long list of items of my todo list in 2019. As it is now September, and so almost the end of the year, here goes. So, wish me luck and follow me to find out how I get on! Hopefully I’ll remember to actually post regularly something interesting and useful to someone.

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