Why You Should Service Your Boiler Every Year

So schools back in session, the night time temperatures is firmly in low teens or less and that pretty much signals that the end of summer is nigh, and winter is almost here. Why does it always seem that boilers break down just when you are about to need them the most? Well, in our case this seems to have happened for the past few years. We tend to have a boiler hiccup around this time of the year.

About 6 years ago, when we had recently moved into the property, the old boiler there had basically got to the end if its life. This prompted us to get a new boiler, and then we were good for a couple of years or so, and then we started to have issues again. Initially a re-ignition of the boiler would get it going again, and then we would basically forget about the problem. Other times opening the valves to let in some more water to increase the pressure would do the trick. These are all tips I have picked up from various plumbers when they have come and had a look. But never did any of them say to me “hey, you need to service your boiler every year”. Or more likely they did say that to me, but I was not listening or dismissed it as another tradesman trying to up-sell me something. So as you might have gathered, our new 5 or 6 year old boiler has never been serviced in its life.

Well this year, as usual, we have had a boiler issue just as it is beginning to get cold. I had tried the usual re-ignition, increase water level, and none of them had worked. So we resorted to calling our home emergency cover who promptly sent an engineer out to investigate the issue. It turns out we need a gas valve replacement, which apparently is not cheap. However when it comes to approve the repair, our insurance company request our latest service documents, of which we have none. And just like that we are no longer covered.

Reason 1. Not servicing your boiler regularly, invalidates any insurance or home emergency cover that would fix it.

It would also apparently invalidate the warranty of the boiler with the manufacturer. It is very likely that we would have averted or minimised the severity of any issues with the boiler, if it had been serviced regularly and had the worn out parts replaced before they stopped working entirely.

Reason 2. Servicing the boiler regularly (annually is recommended) will prevent it from deteriorating and eventually less likely to have a full blown breakdown.

Servicing the boiler will cost you less in the long run than having to pay (in money terms as well as inconvenience) to repair the boiler when it has completely given up.

Reason 3. Service regularly and save yourself the money and hassle down the line.

In hindsight, I should have paid more attention to anyone who tried to sell me a boiler servicing package, or at least looked into it further. But as is life, and adulting, sometimes you have got to learn the hard way, and those lessons usually stick!

But if you are reading this, do not be like me! Sort out a servicing plan for your boiler now! We have decided to go with a local company found through Checkatrade.com.

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