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A couple of weekends ago, I tried Urban, the service that provides massage and osteopathic treatments at home. My husband was away for a long weekend with some friends and myself and the kids started the weekend off discovering that we would have no heating or hot water.

We had recently discovered that our home emergency cover would not fix our broken boiler, because it had not been serviced regularly. And although we had another gas engineer come and take a look, the part to fix it would not arrive and so would not be fixed until Monday! That meant a whole weekend with no hot water and no heating just as the temperatures were starting to drop. In addition to that, the car had a breakdown whilst I was out with the kids, thankfully the RAC breakdown service was on hand to help, so that was a short-lived problem. And to top it off, I developed a very painful stiff neck, which made it challenging to do anything quickly, which is not great when you are home on your own with two kids, including a toddler.

And then, I remembered a friend telling me about getting massages at home and contacted her for the details. I hoped I could get some help with my stiff neck and to relax in general, because that is always welcome after a rough day and weekend.

The service is called Urban, and it is an app where you can book appointments for massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists and other treatments, and the therapists will come for the appointment in your own home or at any location of your choosing. So I decided to give it a go. After downloading the app, it was very easy to register, provide a location and search for time for an appointment. I managed to get one for the evening of the same day, for after the children have gone to sleep. I booked a deep tissue massage to hopefully help remove all the knots and kinks in my stiff neck. There were several options for therapists in my area, and a good review system, which helped me decide who to book based on the feedback previous clients had provided.

When it was almost time for my appointment, I was not quite sure what to expect. What equipment would I need to provide? What preparation would I need to do beforehand? But one hour before the appointment, I got sent a reminder of the appointment. And with this, was instructions which clarified all my concerns.

My therapist arrived promptly at the booked time. She was a very pleasant lady with a professional manner. She brought all the equipment that she needed and set up in the allocated room in about one minute. I only had to provide some towels (and a blanket because it was cold, as we had no heating!). She discussed with me, what I wanted out of the session if there were any areas that I wanted her to focus on and how much pressure I wanted from my deep tissue massage, and whether I wanted some calming music during the session; I did. Once agreed, she stepped out of the room for me to get ready. This was my first time getting a deep tissue massage and it involves a lot of pressure, prodding, and pinching. It was a one-hour session and throughout I could feel my body relax, and certainly my neck muscles loosening up through the session. At the end of it, I certainly felt much better and relaxed than I did before it. And the best part of it is after she left, I could just go straight to bed, no having to travel back home; this is definitely how I will be doing massages going forward!

One good point to note is that treatments are different prices depending on the time of the day booked, usually cheaper in the morning/daytime. So if you are flexible on time, it is certainly worth checking the prices for different time slots to get a better price. Also, as recommended by my therapist, try different therapists to find the one that works for you, the ones whose technique you prefer as different massage therapists may have different techniques.

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