Elf on the Shelf

It is almost Christmas, yay! Well we still have a month or so to go, but you wouldn’t know it by walking around the shops today. Christmas merchandising is well and truly underway, and why not. After the summer is gone, and Halloween is done, it’s the next best thing to look forward to right?

This light-box has said this same thing since last November…

You too can get your own light-box, and update it more frequently than I do mine!

The Elf on the Shelf tradition came about from a children’s book in the US about Santa knowing who has been naughty and nice because the scout elf is checking on them. In the last few years, it has spread across to the UK as well and last year we jumped unto the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon as well. Frankly it was just a fun thing to do for the children as opposed to having a scout elf check on them and report about their behaviour to Santa, we never even discussed that part!  

So the idea is that each night, whilst the children are asleep, the elf moves (read: the parent has to move) to a new position and may also get up to no good, and the children have to find the elf in the morning. Why I added more tasks to my daily routine, I have no idea, but really it was fun, even my husband joined in, and he is really not into this kind of thing. Also it was great to see the kids excited trying to find what the elf had done when they woke up in the morning. The Elf on the Shelf package comes with the picture book and a small scout elf.

Anyhow, I challenged myself to actually move the elf daily for all the days in December until Christmas eve, and admittedly I had a couple of lazy days, but I exceeded my expectations and overall very pleased with my efforts. So I am sharing with you my personal favourites (some of which will probably get repeated this year 🙂), and giving you some inspiration for your elves on the shelf this year. Also, follow #elfontheshelf for more ideas.

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